Building Khan Acedamy
For Rural India.

Our Work

Study Garh Youtube channel

We upload regular educational content for rural kids in vernacular languages for class 6- 10th , covering wide variety of subjects such as maths & science in a practical manner for FREE.

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Study Garh Centre

We run a Free study centre for rural kids in Pratapgarh district of U.P ,India. Where we work with more than 50 students to increase their creativity and foundational skills.

Khan Acedamy for rural India??

Coming from rural area we feel that the way rural students learn is very different from their urban counterparts, and due to lack of good teachers in rural schools students are left to learn them self, leading to increased dropout rate and bad foundational skills,
if you are reading this and think our english is not good , well that's mostly because we spent 1st 5 years in a govt primary school where we learn very little english than we got enrolled in english medium school where books where in english and teachers thought in Hindi, this is one such story of more than 146 million rural school going childrens.

We want to change this by providing rural students best learning material personalised to them for free.