A little about Study Garh. 

Study Garh is basically khan academy for rural India , we want to provide rural kids best content from top teachers in personalized way for FREE.


India is a country of 1.3 billion people, where 67% of the Indian population lives in rural areas. Approx 196 million elementary school-going children, out of that 146 million are enrolled in rural schools. For rural India, the journey of education is not easy, due to poor foundation skills rural children go to school but the learning quality they receive is not enough. Their foundation skills in reading and arithmetic are poor. As per ASER 2018 data shows, only 73% of 8th standard students can read a 2nd standard   level text. only 44% of children in 8th standard can solve a basic arithmetic problem. Whereas children are expected to master foundation skills in 8th standard. Most of the rural students prefer to choose arts or commerce instead of science just to avoid the English language.

Coming from the rural area we understand that the way rural area students learn is very different from their urban counterparts, rural area students don’t have access to good teachers because rural area teachers are not passionate teachers they are a part-time teacher who has failed in getting employment in an urban area so they come back and start teaching in a rural area, they don't have any prerequisite skill for teaching, this acts as an obstacle for rural kids in understanding the concept and practicality of the subject, that play havoc on the children's ability to imagine, learn, think & feel leading to lack of interest in studies. 

Internet is filling the boundaries for many but rural students still feel left out because all the good content is in English (even khan academy has lessons in English) that's why we are creating good content focused on rural students in their mother tongue thought by best educators so that we can develop an interest for learning among rural students.

We launched our youtube channel named Study Garh with a team of 4 members in august 2020, and up to this point we have uploaded 93+ videos targeting class 6- 10 th rural students, over this period we have generated 2791+ organic views with 93+ subscribers, this is just the start for us...

Our Team

Teaching Maths, Science & taking Creativity class.

Vipin shankar


Teaching Maths &
taking Creativity class

Sujeet Vishwakarma

Teaching Maths &
taking Creativity class


Teaching Biology and Chemistry